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​Vocal Academy

Voice Lessons, Vocal Coaching, Audition Preparation, Vocal Workshops, Concerts, Adjudication

All Styles ~ Classical, Musical Theatre, Commercial, Choral, Pop, Gospel and more!

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Dazzle Awards

3 Years in a row

Best Actress



Margo Tipping

Walsh Jesuit High School

Mrs. Malloy in Hello Dolly

Full Online Access! Lessons, Payments and Registration.
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        NATS October 22, 2023                           

Schmidt Singers, IN ~ 5/2017

Schmidt Singers, IN ~ 5/2017

Schmidt Vocal Competition, Indianpolis, In 5/20/17

Mary Grace Corrigan

Mary Grace Corrigan

1st Place Winner!

Jesse Bobbitt

Jesse Bobbitt

3rd Place Winner

Zach Troyer, Finalist

Zach Troyer, Finalist

Finalist, Broadway Bound Award

Garrett Satow

Garrett Satow

Encouragement Award

Anna Marmaduke

Anna Marmaduke

Anna won a Vocal Scholarship at Voices of Canton 4/23/17

Haley Gallagher

Haley Gallagher

Everywhere I look!

1st and 3rd Place Winners

1st and 3rd Place Winners

Mary Grace Corrigan and Jesse Bobbitt

with Susan Wallin

with Susan Wallin

Mary Grace Corrigan and Jesse Bobbitt with their voice instructor, Susan Wallin

Schmidt Singers with Susan Wallin

Schmidt Singers with Susan Wallin

Schmidt Vocal Competition, University of Indianpolis



Art is Calling for me!

Reyna Moran, Dazzle Awards

Reyna Moran, Dazzle Awards

Reyna Moran, Best Actress Award at the Dazzle Awards in Cleveland, OH 5/20/17

Reyna Moran

Reyna Moran

NYC Bound, 6/2017

Ohio Nats Participants, Fall 2016

Wright State University

Zach Troyer- 2nd Place HS Classical,

Jesse Bobbitt 3rd Place HS Classical, (below)

Zach Troyer 4th Place HS MT, Haley Gallagher and Anna Marmaduke (right)

Ohio Nats Participants, Spring 2016

Zach Troyer- 1st Place HS Musical Theatre, Jared Levy, Claire Twigg,

Olivia Beal- 1st Place HS Classical,

3rd Place HS Musical Theatre,

David Barnes

Congratulations to Olivia Beal, center,

Finalist in the Schmidt Competition, 2016

Congratulations to Hugo Christensen Diehl,

finalist in Schmidt Competition at Miami University!  

October, 2014

NATS Ohio Chapter Competition OSU 2015 More Winners!!!!

HIgh School Musical Theatre                                                    HIgh School Classical

1st Place ~ Sam Olin-Hitt                                                           1st Place ~ Hugo Christensen-Diehl

3rd Place ~ Abby Riley                                                                 3rd Place Tie ~ Sam Olin-Hitt

                                                                                                           3rd Place Tie ~ Michaella Waickman



WSVA Students win at NATS at Ohio University 4/12/14

 NATS ~ National Association of Teachers of Singing 


High School Musical Theatre                                                 High School Classical                    

1st Place ~ Michaella Waickman                                          1st Place ~ Chris Humbert

2nd Place ~ Brian Hirsch                                                         4th Place ~ Dawna Warren

4th Place ~ Abby Riley 


 (Students of Susan Wallin)  

NATS singers with their fabulous pianists! Chris Humbert, Toni Shreve, Abby Riley, Michaella Waickman, Brian Hirsch, Gary Devault, Shauna Oldacker.

Abby Riley, Brian Hirsch, Chris Humbert and 

Michaella Waickman, NATS 2014

The W girls! Dawna Warren, Susan Wallin

and Michaella Waickman, NATS 2014


WSVA ~ Loves Live Performance


WSVA Students at Ohio Light Opera, Pirates of Penzance 7/2014. With cast members Colin Commager, Sarah Roth and Boyd Mackus

WSVA Students enjoyed an afternoon at the Opera. Hansel and Gretel at Baldwin Wallace Conservatory, 2/2014

Music is the purest form of humanity that there is...

You can say it is sound, as speech is sound,

as bird song is sound, but it isn't.

It's itself... It is a kind of heaven.

It's unearthly.

It lifts you out of life to another place..."  

 from A Duet for One by Tom Kempinski


A Night In Vienna, Opera ~ Broadway Workshop 2012

Little Mermaid
Little Mermaid with Kathleen Rooney
Kathleen Rooney Masterclass
Kathleen Rooney Masterclass
Kathleen Rooney Masterclass
Kathleen Rooney
Masterclass Flier
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