Improve and develope healthy vocal technique through systematic study of breath management and the vocal mechanism. A variety of repertoire is chosen specifically for each student, including but not limited to classical, musical theatre, folk, commercial music, operetta and others. 

Lesson Options

Session 1 - 1/11/21 - 5/1/21          13 Lessons in 16 weeks! 

3 Bonus weeks!!! Need to reschedule? Cancel within 5 days of your event and skip a week. 

You have 16 weeks to receive your 13 lessons!  


13 Weekly Voice Lessons

                          1/2 hour @$30.00 each,       Total$410.00

                          3/4 hour @$45.00 each,       Total $605.00

Deadline to register/start lessons for Session 1 - 1/23/20

Fill out the online registration form. Choose your payment option.

Session 1 -  choose from 2 or 3 Auto Charge Installments


Your credit card will automatically be charged monthly according to your chosen plan

until your account is paid in full.






Single Lesson Option

1-5 Single Lessons

                1-5 Lessons Pay in Full

                     1/2 hour   1@$35.00                                3/4 hour    1@$52.00

                     2@$70.00                                                    2@$104.00

                     3@$105.00                                                  3@$156.00

                     4@$140.00                                                  4@$208.00

                     5@$175.00                                                  5@$260.00

1. Credit Card- Pay in Full  

2. Zelle - Pay in Full ~  Available on most bank accounts.

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Pay with Zelle thru your bank account  to westsidevocalacademy@gmail.com



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