Improve and develope healthy vocal technique through systematic study of breath management and the vocal mechanism. A variety of repertoire is chosen specifically for each student, including but not limited to classical, musical theatre, folk, commercial music, operetta and others. 

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Session 3 - 9/7/21 - 12/18/21     

    13 Lessons within 15 weeks        

Registration for full session is closed.

After 9/18 the single lesson registration option is

available for your convenience.

Single lesson registration for 1-5 lessons - Always available!  

                                                   1/2 hour                                   3/4 hour   

                                                   1@$35.00                                  1@$52.00

                                                   2@$70.00                                  2@$104.00

                                                   3@$105.00                                3@$156.00

                                                   4@$140.00                                4@$208.00

                                                   5@$175.00                                5@$260.00

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3. Use the mail in registration form and pay in full by check.

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Full Registration       13 Lessons within 15 Weeks  
Deadline to register for full session expired 9/18/21

Single Lesson Payment Buttons
Always available!